10 Unexpected Truths About Running a Marathon


It’s happened to me and many of my friends—at some point midway through your training plan, you’re going to feel like giving up. Mine came halfway through a 20-mile long run the first time I trained for a marathon; I couldn’t understand why running felt so hard, and I couldn’t imagine being able to run a full 26.2 race. When it happens, recognize it, then move on. Some runs are bad, many are hard, but every one will help you get closer to your goal of finishing your race.


Feeling like your former favorite hobby is now more like a drag is normal, especially since you’re spending quite a lot of your time on the road. After my first marathon, I took a few weeks off from running, saving my sneakers until I actually found myself missing my running routine. Don’t worry if you’re not as excited about running as you were four months ago; once you’re back into it, you’ll have the added confidence of knowing that pretty much any mile run not only seems doable but a breeze.

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