7 Tips for Using Lightroom’s Graduated Filter Tool for Landscape Photography

Adobe Lightroom’s local adjustment tools are some of its best features. The Graduated Filter is one of the tools that I use more than anything else when editing landscape photography. Very few of my images make it out of Lightroom without having applied these Lightroom filters in some way.

The Graduated Filter is basically a Lightroom filters tool that allows you to apply the effect of a physical graduated neutral density (ND grad) filter digitally in Lightroom. ND grad filters transition from clear to dark, allowing you to darken part of the image by placing the filter in front of your lens when taking photos.

Being able to apply this effect in post-production gives you a lot more flexibility in the way the graduated filter affects your image.

There is more to the Graduated Filter tool in Lightroom than just darkening bright skies, though. Its uses are only limited by your imagination.

I’m going to give you some Graduated Filter tips to speed up your workflow and show you how you can use the tool more creatively to make your landscape photos look amazing.

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