7 ways to spoil yourself on your next ski vacation

And just like that, you have immediate access to more skiable terrain than you could hope to explore in anything short of an entire season. Beaver Creek gives you 1,800 skiable acres, while Vail adds an incredible 5,200+ (it’s the third-largest ski mountain in the US), and both present a great mix of beginner, intermediate, and expert terrain. In fact, The Westin Riverfront is ideally situated as a home base for families or beginner skiers, as the trails immediately accessed by the gondola are very rookie-friendly.

Both mountains offer plenty of ski and snowboarding classes, along with onsite ski shops and rental facilities to get you equipped. And you don’t have to spend a second lugging around that gear at the end of the day — just leave it with The Westin’s ski valet, and your boots will be dry by morning.

By spending down days in a Rocky Mountain spa

Sore muscles always need some downtime, even if your mind is still on the slopes. Leave room in the itinerary for at least one down day at The Westin Riverfront’s Spa Anjali, and note the fact that you’re not at just any spa. Many of the services here are inspired by actual healing traditions found in the Himalayas, Alps, and Rockies. You can choose from three distinct “journeys,” each hailing from one of the above mountain ranges, and all utilizing natural ingredients like sage, juniper, and wildflowers.

If a spa journey doesn’t pique your interest — or a few in your party aren’t down with a red clover body mask or moor mud wrap — try the Riverstone Massage or the Men’s Deep Cleansing Facial. There’s definitely something for everyone.

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