8 Tips for Planning Better Landscape Photo Shoots

Some people think that landscape photography is about luck but in reality, it’s about planning. Good landscape pictures come out of many factors, and planning the photo shoot is one of the most important. The luck part takes no more than 5-10%.

The recipe is being in the right place at the right time. Otherwise, it doesn’t make any sense to go out at all.

In this article, I’ll cover the most efficient planning tips and tricks to get the best landscape images.

Planning a Landscape Photo Shoot

The planning stage includes several aspects, and each of them should align perfectly to make the whole structure work. There are basically two approaches – happy snapping and proper planning.

The former is good when you want to have fun and unwind with no serious expectations. Sometimes the stars align and you get a great shot, but chances are slim.

The latter approach is about planning, improving chances and using your mind and skills efficiently. I strongly recommend planning every single shoot to get the best possible landscape pictures.

Weather in Landscape Photography

The weather has the most significant impact on the final landscape pictures. The cloud cover, the wind, tide, humidity – everything plays a role. There are no set rules because it differs for each scenery type.

Cloud Cover

I use http://accuweather.com/ to fetch this info as it provides hourly data. The other site to check for detailed cloud cover is Skippy Sky, which looks confusing but the data is unique.

High clouds typically produce better colours and start to lighten up much earlier than the low clouds.

For the general landscape photo shoot, I wouldn’t go out if the cloud cover is less than 30%. For a morning forest walk, I could easily go out when the sky is clear. The same clear sky works fine to shoot some of the seaside lifestyle photography.

The general idea is to think in advance what kind of cloud cover works for your area and go from there.

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