9 Top Attractions & Things to Do in Mt. Hood National Forest

Towering over northern Oregon and within eyesight from the streets of Portland, Mount Hood stands at 11,240 feet and is the highest mountain in the state. This dormant stratovolcano is home to ski resorts, summer recreation areas, and historic tourist attractions and is the centerpiece for the more than one million acres of Mt. Hood National Forest. The main attractions of Mount Hood National Forest, including the Timberline Lodge and the Mount Hood Cultural Center, can be reached from downtown Portland by car in less than 90 minutes.

Scenic charms in the national forest range from waterfalls, hot springs, and glaciers to varied wildlife and alpine wildflowers. In winter, it’s the snow that draws the crowds to the slopes. In summer, the evergreen landscape of Mount Hood National Forest offers activities that are a little more varied, including abundant hiking trails, climbing opportunities, and numerous campgrounds.

Plan your trip with this list of the top attractions and things to do in Mount Hood National Forest

Mount Hood at sunset

Mount Hood Scenic Loop

Mount Hood Scenic Loop

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