BMW concept iX3 SAV delivers all-electric performance without compromise

with its world debut at auto china 2018 in beijing, the BMW ‘concept iX3’ claims to mark a new chapter of the brand’s electrification strategy. the concept car extends the reach of their all-electric mobility by enhancing fifth generation BMW edrive technology. this focuses on grouping together the electric motor, transmission and power electronics, as well integrating new and more powerful batteries. all in all, this ensures the fully-fledged, electricsports activity vehicle (SAV) performs without compromise in terms of both functionality and comfort.

driven purely by electric power, the new technology configuration of the BMW ‘concept iX3’ offers advances in operating range, weight, packaging space, flexibility and most importantly, performance characteristics. the driving pleasure is ensured with a maximum output of over 270 hp and a range of 249 miles. furthermore, its optimized charging capacity allows the batteries to be charged in 30 minutes from stations that generate up to 150 kW.

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