exclusive drive in the unrevealed AUDI e-tron electric SUV

in copenhagen, a city full of bicycles, designboom exclusively experienced the imminent yet still unrevealed AUDI ‘e-tron‘. the SUV, which, for the first time, introduces full electrification to a production vehicle of the brand, is as quiet as the cyclists, letting its cabin space and sound take center stage. on our journey, we experienced how the interior, as well as the still mostly disguised exterior design, has created a unique, concert-like performance when driving.

there is only one place to start; the two electric engines are the core of the AUDI ‘e-tron’. one in the front and the other in the rear, they not only rumouredly fast charge in 30 minutes and offer around 250 miles in range per full battery, but, most importantly, create two new sound points while replacing the loud and low frequencies of a conventional combustion motor. even so, the two electric engines are isolated from the interior by a foam wraparound, whilst a frame, with 40% higher stiffness than normal, reduces the vibrations from the tires and road.

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