The 7 best ski resorts in Europe

St. Anton, Austria

The clear sky allows for a perfect 360° view from the top of Valluga, a 9,000+-foot-tall peak in eastern Austria. St. Anton is where modern skiing started and they make sure the tradition continues with 200+ miles of trails served by one of the best lift systems in the world.

It is possible to criss-cross the mountains in every direction and even cross valleys, which is what people usually do: start from one spot, lunch in another valley, and make their way back all through skiing and ski-lifting.

The groomed slopes cater to any level of experience, and there are 100+ miles of backtrails.There is a famous after-skiing party every day at 3:30 PM on piste number 1, but restaurants and pubs are busy, too.

Andermatt, Switzerland

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