The 7 best ski resorts in Europe

One of the most snow-covered ski venues in the Alps, Andermatt has 75+ miles of trails, few tourists, great ski lift accessibility, and a complex covering three mountain passes. If this is not enough to put the Andermatt ski area on a top list, the historic little village offers the atmosphere of a local, Swiss mountain place still holding off the globalization influence (for now). The best thing is to walk along the cobblestoned streets often flanked by Swiss chalets. Everything is easily accessible, as the village is very tiny.

After reaching the top of the Gemsstock and enjoyed the views, skiers can head in any direction, so perhaps that’s a good place to start from. It is a fairly unknown location and it does appeal to more expert skiers rather than beginners, but the complex allows for variety, although it is considered a “specialist” venue for off-trailers, because the runs are long, have a lot of snow and are little used.

Livigno, Italy

Although it offers good off-piste for experts, Livigno is very suitable for beginners and intermediate-level skiers because of the gentle valley. The complex and its ski-parks are on both side of the valley which adds to the variety of views offered while coming down. On top of the variety of runs, there are many spots to practice tricks, with rails, boxes, airbags, and more.

The valley also makes for an original spot, because it’s not surrounded by jutting peaks and it’s in a fairly straight line. It’s nice to have slopes flanked by trees, too, which offer some color in a day of skiing. Unique to Livigno is also its tax-free status (dating back from Napoleonic times!) making everything, included drinks and gas, very affordable and making Livigno one of the cheapest ski-venues of the Alps.

Livigno is not easily reachable, with a few hours from any airport and winding, mountain roads that go on for a long time. This makes it a quiet place great for families, with few tourists in the traffic-free town.

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