The History and Evolution of the Ferrari Enzo

When the Ferrari paraded the new Enzo Ferrari out in front of the masses at the Paris Auto Show in 2002, it was a special appearance for the limited edition that would only see production through 2004 with a total of just 493 examples ever produced. Pininfarina designer Ken Okuyama did the honors in creating the concept for the tribute to its namesake, the founder, and creator of the Ferrari legacy, Enzo Ferrari.

A Masterpiece that pays tribute to the master

The first Ferrari Enzo was endowed with a 12 cylinder engine that fully utilized Formula One technology as evidenced in its carbon fiber body and the same materials reinforcing the silicon carbide ceramic composite disc brakes. An F-1 electrohydraulic shift transmission and a little something outside of the ox such as the active aerodynamics along with the traction control that isn’t allowed in Formula One. It grabbed the best that the world had to offer at the time without regard to fitting into anyone’s preconceived notion of what it should be.

Inspired genius

This Sports car inherited its 2 door body style from the Berlinetta with a rear mid-engine layout in rear wheel drive. It was preceded by the Ferrari F50 and would be succeeded by the LaFerrari in just a few short years, but it made an impressive appearance on the world scene and made us remember to whom we owe our thanks for the automotive sports wonders so highly desired throughout the planet. The name still stands on its own.

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