The Top Five New Members of the 700 hp Auto Club

if you didn’t know before, now you do. There is an auto club dedicated to recognizing some of the most powerful cars in the industry, and that’s the 700hp club. Not long ago, that number was just 600hp and 500hp before that. Technology has brought the future to now, and some of the cars on this list surpass 700hp by quite a mark. Innocence is truly bliss in this case because how could you not want to get into the driver seat of some of these raging beauties? Here is the top five among the newest members of the 700hp auto club. You better buckle up!

Aston Martin Valkyrie

This is the hypercar from the future—it looks like it, feels like it, and probably even drives like it. This Formula 1 car is hardly one that you can drive on the street. It is legal on the roads, but from one glance you’ll know that it just doesn’t belong there. Boasting 1,000 hp, this machine is a 6.5-liter V-12. It is sleek and it is sexy. It’s no wonder Aston Martin has partnered with Red Bull in design of this vehicle. It may very well have wings on its own. They’re set to release 150 road-going versions of the Valkyrie and 25 AMR pros that tops at 225 mph. Aston Martin has already sold the first 25 of these AMR beauties before it even hits market on 2020. So even if you have the budget to spend over $4.2mil on the car, you’re out of luck as of now.

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