This Dad Achieved a 91-Pound Weight Loss Thanks to the Keto Diet and Running

If anyone knows the power of a mile, it’s Jason Aberly. His mile-long runs quickly snowballed into a marathon — and he ended up losing almost 100 pounds in a little over a year.

The 38-year-old from Colorado used to plow through his 10,000 steps on hikes around his home state. But children and life in general started getting in the way, and one day, he just stopped. Another day passed, and another, and another, until those walks in the woods became a distant memory. As he completed fewer and fewer steps, Jason packed on the pounds until he hit his highest weight ever: 270 pounds.

Jason Aberly

“I gained the weight just basically from living my life,” Aberly says.

“I gained the weight just basically from living my life,” Aberly explained to As an EMT-turned-stay-at-home-dad to two young children, he took care of his kids and family, while letting his own fall by the wayside.

“One thing leads to another, and you’re 100 pounds overweight. It comes on so slowly that you just, you don’t even notice,” he said. It wasn’t until the day that he couldn’t pick up his son because his belly got in the way that Aberly knew he’d had enough.

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