This Intense Navy SEAL Race Involves Skydiving Into the Ocean and Running 100 Miles

Have you ever run a race that starts by jumping out of a plane into the Pacific Ocean? Unless you’re a US Navy SEAL, probably not.

A three-man team, including former SEALs Jonathan Wilson and Robert Moeller, are going to take on one of the toughest physical challenges on the planet on October 25. The Specter Series, a 103-mile slog over air, sea, and land over roughly one day, is designed to push former service members to the brink of their capacities to raise awareness about the issues their peers face when they transition from the SEAL teams back into civilian life.

>The course begins with a skydive into the Pacific Ocean, followed by a three-mile swim to land. From there, the team will don operational combat gear and run 100 miles throughout San Diego, finishing in around 24 hours.

The team isn’t prepping for the grueling race alone. To make the most of their training, they’ve been working with WHOOP, the company behind one of the most advanced fitness trackers on the market.

Running for a Cause

Wilson and Moeller are both part of the nonprofit organization behind the event, the SEAL Future Fund (SFF), which is dedicated to helping former SEALs in their civilian professional lives. The third team member is an active duty SEAL, referred to as CBritt, whose identity is being kept under wraps.


“We started this [The Specter Series] because when we transition, even though we have the best fraternity in the world, we go solo and don’t have our team anymore,” Wilson, the CEO of SFF, told “This is a way for us to come back together with our peers, do something extremely challenging. Living in the suck, if you will.”

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