Wacky and Wild Running Races

Wife Carrying Championship

Although the original wife-carry race is thought to have started in 19th century Finland, the Wife Carry Championship that is held in Maine every Columbus Day is a more modern affair. The teams who compete do not have to be married, and in some cases the woman holds the man. The winner takes home the “wife’s” weight in beer and five

Tough Mountain Challenge

The race’s website ominously announces, “You won’t die. Serious injury is unlikely. However, there’s still a good chance you’ll bleed a bit.” Participants are pounded with high-powered water guns (used to create snow during the ski season), dive through rings of fire, and run through other obstacles during their 10-mile race, so that warning should be taken seriously.  Nonetheless, every year 1,000 racers join in on the fearless fun of Maine’s Tough Mountain Challenge.

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